Reading The Map of West Java, These Big Cities Are Worth a Visit

When looking at the map of West Java and paying attention to it, you will find 27 districts and cities spread over an area of more than 35 thousand square kilometers. Among these cities, of course, you know some names. For example Bandung, Bogor, Depok, to Bekasi. Various regions in West Java province have an attraction for tourists.

Because of the many cool destinations to visit, you certainly can’t explore this provincial area in an instant. Therefore, there is no harm in sorting or starting from the list of major cities first. Therefore we will discuss about the major cities of West Java that need to be considered.

Before reviewing more deeply, it is worth knowing the geographical situation of the Pasundan land province. When viewed from the picture, the map of West Java borders the central Java, DKI Jakarta, and Banten regions. While the southern and northern parts are directly adjacent to the waters in the form of the Java Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Bandung with the nickname Paris van Java

All residents of Indonesia or at least in Java island must have known Bandung even though they have never set foot on the ground. The city that has the nickname Of Kembang City is the capital and the center of government of West Java province. In addition, The City of Flowers is also famous for having a cool air because Bandung is in the highlands.

Based on the images listed on the map of West Java, the location of Bandung is in the middle. So do not be surprised if the location is used as the center of government. Bandung was nicknamed Parijs van Java by the Dutch people in the era of colonialism before indonesia’s independence. This is because at that time people with a Parisian-style taste mode were seen here.

Vacationing in Bandung is mandatory and at least once in your life. How not, many tourist attractions ranging from nature, thematic playgrounds, to complete shopping tours are available here. Not to mention if you talk about the culinary delights that seem to be endless.

As a big city and provincial capital, Bandung does have such a wide appeal. For tourists, Bandung has a million charms in every corner. The long history since before independence makes the city very rich in historical places such as Braga Street and historical buildings there.

Bogor, a City of Rain Full of Charm

The city of Bogor also has a historical side that is no less important considering that here there is a Presidential palace. In the time of President Joko Widodo, Bogor palace became a favorite residence because it has an atmosphere and a very comfortable environment. In the map of West Java, Bogor City is in the western part.

The area that has the name rainy city also has a cool temperature, so many tourists like it. Especially with the puncak tourist attractions that are often flooded with visitors from various regions, especially residents of the capital. One of the most popular attractions of Bogor is the existence of the Botanical Garden in the Presidential Palace area.

Thousands of types of beautiful plants you can see while here, one of which is phenomenal and legendary flowers, Rafflesia Arnoldi. In addition, there are also various animals such as deer and others. Don’t forget to also enjoy the typical dish of Rain City. For example, bogor pickles are very famous and taste fresh.

Sumedang which is the Fiefdom of the Galuh Kingdom

Hearing the word Sumedang maybe what is imagined in the minds of most people is to know sumedang. This food is indeed so famous and spread to various regions outside West Java. Based on the map of West Java, Sumedang is in the middle, not so far from the city of Bandung.

According to historical records, Sumedang was originally part of the galuh kingdom’s territory. But in the 12th century the name of the kingdom was changed to the Kingdom of Sumedang Larang. Sumedang also has a tourism object that presents natural beauty. For example, Cikandang spring with clarity and freshness of water.

If you like water tourism, don’t miss also visiting cinulang waterfall that stands dashing. If in Bogor there is a Botanical Garden, Sumedang has Tahura aka Gunung Kunci Forest Park. Lush and green trees make the mind feel calm in the midst of the coolness of the air. When returning home, don’t forget to buy souvenirs.

Depok is Located in the West

Depok is located in the western part of the map of West Java and adjacent to DKI Jakarta. So it is not surprising that most residents of Depok are more familiar with the capital than other areas that are as productive as they are closer. The city is famous for having a number of the largest and most popular college institutions in Indonesia.

Call it the University of Indonesia or UI, every year there must be thousands or even tens of thousands of students who compete to be able to get an education at the university with the yellow logo. In addition, there are also several other famous universities such as Gunadarma and Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University.

Based on the map of West Java, the location of Depok adjacent to the capital makes this city more filled with artificial attractions. For example, a water park or a park. One of the goals that are often targeted by people when visiting Depok is to visit the Dome Mas Mosque. This mosque does have extraordinary beauty so it captivates the heart.

In addition to tourism, Depok is also famous for having culinary offerings that are ready to spoil the tongues of its connoisseurs. If you visit Depok less afdhol if you do not bring souvenirs dodol. This is one of the typical souvenirs and has a variety of flavor variants. Among the most famous and liked include the taste of star fruit and guava.

Garut Bordering bandung area

On the map of southern West Java there is Garut Regency which also borders the bandung, Tasikmalaya, Sumedang, Majalengka, and Cianjur areas. In addition, Garut is also bordered by open water in the southern part, namely the Indian Ocean. Garut also has an extraordinary charm so it is often used as a holiday destination.

Here there are a variety of tourism objects, ranging from cool hilly areas to breezy coastal winds. If you want to enjoy the cool weather typical of the highlands, you can travel to Leuweung Oko D’Great. Here visitors will be treated to a lush view of the green trees from a height.

If you want a more challenging vacation experience, you can climb to Thunder Mountain. On the map of West Java can be observed that Garut also has a highland area in the form of mountains and hills. So there are also hot spring attractions such as Cikarees pool.

While in other parts, Garut is also a lowland and bordering the sea. So you can also find beach tours with exotic scenery. Because the waters face directly into the Indian Ocean, the waves are quite large. Some beautiful beaches in Garut such as Cicalobak, Karang Paranje, Cijeruk, and others.

West Java has always had a good attraction in terms of natural beauty, population friendliness, to culinary delights. Not surprising if it is often visited by tourists both domestically and abroad. You can access various tourist sites in pasundan land without difficulty because there is a map of West Java on the online platform.