Recommended Beaches in West Java with Exotic Panorama

It is common knowledge that the beach in West Java has a beautiful scenery. Traveling to nature has indeed become a trend that will not die. Moreover, Indonesia is given a gift by God in the form of extraordinary natural beauty so that there are many amazing tourist destinations.

West Java is one of the provinces with natural tourist destinations including beaches. This landscape has fans regardless of age or gender. Old, young, male, female, almost everyone loves when vacationing to the sea. In addition to having fun with your family, you can also do a lot of activities.

Agar is not tired of coming to that place-that’s it, it’s a good idea to consider some marine tourism recommendations with exotic views. This can be used as a place to pull over for a moment from fatigue after struggling with busyness. Here are 7 beach recommendations in West Java that you should visit when entering the holiday period.

Pangandaran Beach, West Java Charm

You are certainly no stranger to the name Pangandaran Beach. In fact, you could say Pangandaran is one of the various popular destinations in West Java. That’s because the Pangandaran area does present a dazzling view. So do not be surprised if every year, especially when the holidays there are thousands of tourists come to this place.

The beach in West Java has a large area of clean sand where visitors are free to play around the area. Moreover, the stretch of sand looks spacious with relatively calm waves. So that the location of this vacation is often used as a reference for family vacations with their children. With waves not big, you can freely swim along the beach.

When the afternoon comes, it is time to enjoy the breeze that carries the smell of the sea. If the weather is clear, you can enjoy the orange twilight on the western horizon. At that moment tourists crowded selfies ria with a romantic sunset view. The location of tourism objects can be reached easily either using public or private transport.

Pantai West Java Pelabuhan Ratu, An Iconic Destination

Pelabuhan Ratu is still an icon of West Java to this day and its fans are never deserted. Even the panoramic beauty is heard to foreign countries. So do not be surprised if you meet foreign tourists there. The topography in this one tourist destination is not the same as most other locations but has a unique side.

The coast of West Java consists of a steep section of sera ramps and combines into one unit. In addition, there is also a carpeted area with coconut trees. The existence of coconut trees where the leaves are blown by the wind increasingly makes the atmosphere of shahdu. Interestingly, the air around Pelabuhan Ratu Beach is cool and not so hot.

The thing that cannot be separated from the Queen’s Port tour is a legend story with a mystical dressing. Queen’s Harbour is often associated with the mystery story of the ruler of the South Sea. But the myths circulating actually add to the tourist attraction of Pelabuhan Ratu for the community. This tourist spot is located in Sukabumi, West Java.

Karang Hawu Beach, A Place to Rest from Fatigue

Karang Hawu is a west Java beach  destination with a natural panorama that lures every visitor. You can find a wide sea view filled with dusty waves typical of the south sea. A distinctive feature found in this tourist spot is the existence of cliffs jutting into the ocean. The combination of waves and cliffs is increasingly perfect with mystical legends.

The right time to visit tourism in Sukabumi is in the afternoon. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset at night while doing various activities. Entrance tickets to karang Hawu location are also very affordable, which is Rp2,500 only. In addition, there are various adequate facilities from toilets to restaurants.

Karapyak Beach, Exotic and Photogenic

Another beach in West Java that you should consider visiting, namely Karapyak. Karapyak is located in Ciamin Regency, West Java. Here you will find a vast stretch of sand with coral rocks around it that are ready to be explored. This location is suitable for those of you who do not like the hot air typical of the sea.

This is thanks to the air cool enough that it can make visitors feel comfortable. Around the location of Karapyak there are also towering cliffs dashing. Around this cliff area is often used as a photo spot by tourists. Visitors who come to Karapyak need to pay for tickets according to the type of vehicle, ranging from 10,000 to 180,000.

If you want to come to the beach of West Java, don’t forget to wear your best outfit, yes. Because here there are many cool photo spots for the background of your posts on social media. Visitors from afar do not need to worry because there are many lodgings around Karapyak. Public facilities are also fairly complete such as places of worship and places to eat.

Cibangban Beach, Fun to Play Sand

Cibangban is a beach in West Java with exotic views thanks to a large stretch of sand. The sand in Cibangban wistaa has a soft texture so it is very comfortable when you want to set foot on it. So the best way to enjoy the stretch of sand in this destination is to take off your footwear and then walk along the beach.

Pantai West Java Cibangban This is a choice of holiday destinations that are suitable for inviting and family. Because this Cibangban vacation spot is not so crowded that it is suitable to get away from the urban hustle and bustle. Here you can also feel the waves clear and clean. No need to swim, you can play water on the edge and feel the coolness of the water.

Cibangban is also a choice of locations for photo hunting, be it selfies or crowded. Enjoying the gust of wind and dusk in the distance will make the soul calmer, momentarily free from the burden. Tourism in the Ratu Port area, Sukabumi can be reached by private vehicle. The entrance ticket price is very cheap, which is 2,000.

Citepus Beach, Strategic Location Capture Sunset

West Java beach  recommendation that is no less exotic than other tourist destinations, namely Citepus. Citepus tourism is located close to the highway in the Pelabuhan Ratu area, Sukabumi. Its strategic location makes this tourism object much loved by young people and domestic tourists of all ages.

Coming to citepus tourism object should be done in the afternoon. At that time you can enjoy a variety of delicious culinary by the sea. There are also many gazebos or places to just sit around casually. That way visitors can watch dusk and sunset while feeling the breeze.

Enjoying the sunset will not be perfect if only alone. Therefore, invite your partner or best friend. Don’t forget to bring a camera device so that you can capture the sunset moment with the best view. But now there are many smartphone camera technologies that can produce the best landscape portraits.

The beach always has its own allure for the community. The expanse of sand, the waves, to the breezy wind is able to provide peace of mind and mind for anyone. Especially if you are tired of all routines and work activities. So that the mind is refreshed, visit the coast of West Java because the panorama is exotic.