Universities in West Java that Can Be Used as a Study Reference

Universities in West Java are an opportunity for students to continue their education to a higher level. Especially if the education is continued in several famous cities in West Java. In addition to offering a higher level of education there are many interesting things offered from this one region.

Continuing education until college is the dream of most people. There are many advantages offered by universities both private and public. The opportunity to get an education is much better easily obtained. In addition, various opportunities become more wide open. It gives you a chance to have a better life.

The number of universities in West Java also provides opportunities for students to get the right education with the orientation of the world of work. In general, the type of campus is divided into two, namely public and private. The determination of the campus is based on the applicable provisions. The difference between the two lies in the management of the college.

Public universities are managed directly by the government while private non-governmental. Although it has differences in terms of managers, both of them can be used as a reference to continue college. Both the public and private have the same good quality in terms of the implementation of education. Here are the universities that can be used as a reference.

State Universities in West Java Famous -IPB

If you talk about universities in West Java, the existence of Bogor Agricultural University cannot be missed. This campus located in Bogor, West Java has been established since 1963. As one of the top universities in Indonesia, IPB is very interesting for you to make a reference for places to study.

This campus itself is the basis of world-class research conducted in Indonesia. The competence of the university is about agriculture. Other competencies are in the form of science biology and entrepreneurial character. As a research campus, IPB has many achievements, especially in terms of research. So it is not surprising that IPB is one of the best campuses.

With the various advantages offered, this campus is the best choice to continue education to a higher level. These various advantages make you have the opportunity to get a better education. In addition to being the best campus choice, this public university in West Java is also innovative.

There are quite a number of study programs at IPB that have international certificates. This further proves the position of IPB as a reference choice in continuing education to the college level. Many faculty choices you can choose such as human ecology, veterinary medicine, mathematics and science and so on.

State Universities in West Java ITB

Another university choice for those of you who want to study in West Java is ITB. Located in Bandung, West Java, ITB is the best choice of state dictionaries. ITB is a well-known public campus in Indonesia. This long-standing campus has many study programs with international accreditation.

The existence of ITB is recognized as the first Indonesian engineering campus. Even the campus has existed since the colonial era by undergoing several name changes. The initial purpose of the establishment of the campus is to meet the need for engineering personnel. The need for these engineering personnel is increasingly difficult, especially with the first world war.

ITB as a public university in West Java has a long history. In its establishment, ITB underwent several name changes until it was passed in 1959. As an engineering campus in Indonesia, there are many faculties owned by several including industrial engineering, mechanical and aerospace engineering, MIPA, and so on.

In terms of accreditation, on this campus there are at least 13 study programs with accreditation from independent institutions from America, namely ABET. The existence of this accreditation is a guarantee for prospective students in choosing the best study program. That way, the opportunity for students to get the best education becomes easier.

UPI Bandung Education Program Selection

If you want to continue your education and aspire to become a teacher, then UPI Bandung can be the best choice. UPI or Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia is a well-known campus in Indonesia. As a university in West Java, UPI has an excellent reputation. Even this campus is a multicampus.

UPI campuses are spread in various regions of West Java. Such as Sumedang, Purwakarta, Tasikmalaya and so on. At first this university was established with the aim to meet the need for education personnel in Indonesia. This is done as an effort to educate the nation through proper education.

The existence of UPI as a college is to improve the quality of public education. If you are interested in becoming a teacher, this campus can be the best choice. With the existence of qualified teaching staff is believed to be able to realize people’s lives much better.

UPI continues to develop with the aim of supporting national development. The development of knowledge in this college is not only about the academic field but also many things. Such a good concept and planned development. The campus is also built to meet the standards of good learning activities.

University of Galuh Ciamis West Java

Another choice of universities in West Java is UNIGAL. This university is located in Ciamis West Java under the auspices of an educational foundation. Galuh Ciamis University was founded in 1998 as part of the merger of several high schools. The merger now forms a college.

Starting from a collection of high schools, NOW UNIGAL has many study programs from 7 faculties. In addition to undergraduate education, there are master’s programs offered by UNIGAL. As a choice of universities you can choose several faculties including teacher training and education, as well as economics.

In addition, there are also other faculties in the form of agriculture, health sciences, engineering, and social and political sciences. As for the master’s program, there are two options, namely management and administration of education. With the large selection of public university study programs in West Java offered, the selection of education becomes easier.

As one of the universities, UNIGAL can be your choice to study. The university also offers a variety of study programs that can be selected based on wishes. In addition to infrastructure, UNIGAL also offers a variety of attractive scholarships for students that you can try.

Universities in West Java UNPAD

Another campus option is Padjajaran University. Located in Jatinangor, Unpad is a reference option for other study places. Since 2014, UNPAD has been part of the state campus following the issuance of official regulations. The determination came out on the results of campus evaluation from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Padjajaran University was established on the wishes of the community regarding a higher education institution for youth in West Java. The existence of this college is intended to prepare the younger generation of prospective leaders of the nation. Unpad was successfully established in 1957 with 4 faculties at the beginning and continues to develop until now.

There are now at least 16 faculties and several graduate programs. There are even at least 9 study programs for doctoral level. In addition, there are many other levels of education. The establishment of UNPAD is a manifestation of people’s desire for a smarter life. The existence of this university is also to meet the need for a variety of sciences.

As one of the provinces in Indonesia, West Java has a variety of universities that can be used as an option to continue their education. There are various types of choices ranging from education, engineering to research fields to choose from. Public universities in West Java generally also have a reputation as the best campus choice.