West Java Lengko Rice Recipes

The following west Java lengko rice recipes are worth trying. Indonesia has a variety of interesting traditional menus to try including one of them is lengko rice. The menu has a taste that is quite distinctive so it is interesting to be a meal. You can make it a dish to eat with your family.

As a typical dish of an area, it is not difficult to find lengko rice. It can even be said to be a traditional menu in many places such as Cirebon, Indramayu and so on. Interestingly, each food from different regions has its own taste. The difference in the mixture of ingredients is the reason the taste of the cuisine is different.

Various main ingredients are used as a mixture of the menu including rice, tempeh, cucumber, bean sprouts, crackers and a sprinkling of chili sauce on the menu. As a typical dish, it’s not wrong if you want it. The manufacturing process is quite easy, especially to taste by yourself.

West Java lengko rice recipes can be made by yourself easily using various ingredients. Through this fairly easy recipe, to eat this special menu does not always have to visit directly to West Java. Using these recipes helps those of you who miss home cooking.

Easy Ways to Make Lengko Rice Taste Delicious

There are two ingredients that need to be prepared. The first is rice as an important component in the dish. Other materials are used for chili sauce. Both ingredients are very important because they become the main part that produces from the taste of food. The main ingredient is rice, because as the name suggests.

The recipe for lengko rice typical of West Java is to require tempeh with a small size, therefore it needs to be cut first. You also need tofu and a variety of other additional vegetables. Tempeh as well as small size tofu that has been cut before as a side dish for rice. You need chives and fried onions to taste.

The use of major components such as sweet soy sauce gives taste and becomes the most important part of the presentation. Peanut sauce as the main component of making this menu requires various types of ingredients. You need peanuts in certain quantities as the main part of making seasoning.

West Java lengko rice recipe requires onions and white. The number of onions used can be adjusted based on portions. You also need enough boiled water in making chili sauce. You can add red and cayenne pepper in creating a spicy taste according to taste.

Easy Stages of Making a Typical West Java Food Menu

You need various other supplements such as crackers and basil in addition to the use of rice and other side dishes. The use of appendages makes the taste of food become more and more interesting and delicious. How to make it yourself is quite easy after you prepare the ingredients. The amount used can be adjusted the size of the portion.

The recipe for lengko rice typical of West Java is to prepare a variety of main spices such as peanuts. Before use, the beans must be fried first. In frying the color of the beans need to change until they turn browned. Other seasonings used as chili sauce are also fried and mashed.

The main ingredients such as tempeh are then served with rice. Other appendages such as chives to fried onions are served on top of the food. Furthermore, the spices that have been made and given salt and sweet soy sauce are placed on it. After all the stages are completed, you can enjoy the delicacy of lengko rice.

Food should be eaten while it is still warm. Because in addition to being freshly made, the aroma of food is also still distinctive so that it is delicious when eaten. Other complements such as crackers and basil leaves add to the taste more delicious. For the amount itself you can adjust based on taste and the size of the portion.

West Java Lengko Rice Recipes

The serving of lengko rice usually uses oil that has been used before both for frying tempeh and tofu as a companion to bean flush sauce. You can replace it using other materials such as soy sauce. The uniqueness of the menu lies in the use of its practice, namely tempeh and tofu. In its manufacture, the second piece should be used.

When served, side dishes are cut into small pieces in advance in the form of tofu and tempeh. Types of vegetables such as bean sprouts and chives leaves to complement the dish need to be added. The next dish is watered using pre-diluted peanut sauce. The existence of crackers is also a feature of this one menu. The type used is usually round white crackers.

This recipe is quite popular and much in demand. Because in addition to good taste also has a fairly affordable price. In addition, the manufacturing process is also fairly easy. So if you want to eat this food there is no need to bother looking for lengko rice sellers. You can easily try to make your own.

Lengko rice food recipes typical of West Java can be served along with other menus such as satay. As a menu that you can taste without spending a lot of money. The menu is very suitable to be eaten with the family. In addition, the presence of various other ingredients such as chives and bean sprouts makes the dish healthier.

Nutritional Content of Lengko Rice

Fine dining is very suitable for indonesian tongues, especially the use of rice in it. Interestingly culinary from West Java with good nutritional content for the body. Moreover, the use of tempeh and tofu are rich in various vegetable protein content. Tempeh and tofu are also traditional Indonesians.

Rice or sego lengko is a typical dish from the Sunda region, especially Cirebon. Although the culinary can also be found in other regions, but the most famous is typical of Cirebon. With the use of simple ingredients, the nutritional content of the dish is quite complete such as carbohydrates to protein.

West Java lengko rice recipe with the addition of cucumbers makes the culinary more refreshing. In the seasoning of tempeh and tofu you can add ingredients such as star fruit water and coriander so that the taste is stronger. Flavorings and salt can also be added. In peanut sauce the addition of brown sugar needs to be done.

With the variety of content in sego lengko, making the culinary can meet your nutritional needs. The taste is delicious and the manufacturing process is easy, making sego lengko as your flagship menu. The recipe can be added as an interesting menu try.

West Java Lengko Rice Recipes

The savory and sweet taste of the dish comes from the use of soy sauce or brown sugar. If you like the spicy taste, you can add chili to get the dish according to taste. The addition of complements such as fried onions can make culinary more delicious and delicious.

The use of rice as the main ingredient makes sego lengko has its own characteristics. The combination of all ingredients makes the food even more interesting. Moreover, there are various side dishes used with perfect blends. The correct use of recipes helps you get culinary with the most appropriate taste.

Visiting the Sunda area will feel less if you do not taste the dish. In addition to visiting directly in order to taste the delicacy, you can also easily make the menu yourself at home. The savory taste produced and sweet produces the perfect blend.

As food from an area, sego lengko when interesting is used as a meal and culinary menu. The taste is very suitable for the tongue of Indonesians, especially the manufacture is quite easy to do alone at home. The recipe for lengko rice typical of West Java becomes an easy and nutritious menu.